See below for a list of some of the products that we offer. 
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Our Products

At East Sussex Vehicle Adaptation Centre you will find we can supply and fit most modifications to make driving easier for the driver or passenger. These include the following: 

Steering aids:
Helping the driver steer the car more efficiently.

Foot Controls:
These controls will help the driver control the car more efficiently.

Access Aids:
Access aids will help the driver or passenger enter or exit the vehicle with much more ease.

We can provide and install stowage facilities to store your wheelchair and many other types of equipment.

See Below for examples of our products:

Hand Controls

These systems are available for most makes & models of vehicle & some are of a “quick release” nature to allow for the driver that doesn’t need the aid. Whether it’s accelerating, braking, steering, changing gear or simply applying the handbrake, we can help with these problems & much more!